Friday, February 28, 2014

Visit The Zoo

The alarm goes off and up comes the sun.
It's time to get ready, to have some fun.
You get out of bed and what do you do?
You go on a trip, to visit the zoo.
You go through the gate and what do you see?
The tiger is on the prowl and a lemur is on the tree.
You look at the elephant and the meerkats too.
See the black bear and the flamingos in view.
Koalas are pretty cute and the baboon is on the go.
Sea lions are swimming and the turtles are slow.
You spy on the gator and the gorilla on the grass.
You stare at the snake and the fish behind the glass.
Zebra makes you dizzy and the rhino's sitting down.
Monkey is with a baby and the lion is wearing a frown.
You spot a wild leopard and the lizard on the ground.
You find a gray goat and the cougar running around.
The cheetah goes fast and the jackals can run.
The puma's on the move and otter's having fun.
You follow the weasel and the big horn sheep.
You come across a fox and the panda's asleep.
Watch the penguins walk and all the birds fly.
Notice the kangaroos and the bats hanging high.
Hippo's in the water and the giraffe is really tall.
Ostrich is eating and there's a pony in the stall.
You have seen all the animals, in your visit at the zoo.
We hope you had fun and learned something new.
It's time to go home, we'd love to see you again.
We hope you come back and bring along a friend.

Friday, February 21, 2014


Let's get up and go,
Share a smile and say hello.
Don't stop till the day is done,
Tell all your friends this is fun.
Take a walk across the street.
Greet everyone that you meet.
Wear a smile like the sun.
Show the world how it's done.
Wave your hand in the air.
Show the people everywhere.
You are there to say Hi.
To everyone you pass by.
Treat them all like a friend.
Lend a hand when you can.
You will find it's really true.
It's the right thing to do.
So let's get up and go.
Share a smile and say hello.
Don't stop till the day is done.
Tell all your friends this is fun.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Let's Read

Do you want to read a picture book?
You picked the right place to look.
Check out Buddy's book review.
He chose seven great books for you.
Just scroll down and look at this.
It's one you don't want to miss.

by Ute Krause
A family of bandits life changed.
Mom and dad split up.
Dad remarries a princess who has
her own brood of royals.
The bandits devise a plan to
make the royal brood leave.
But when mom meets a dragon,
the bandits and royals 
couldn't be happier together.

by Trudy Ludwig
Nobody seems to notice Brian.
He's never included in any games.
Until a new kid, Justin arrives.
Justin makes Brian feel welcome.
They team up on a project,
Brian finds a way to shine.
One small act from Justin
changes Brian's life.

by Anna Dewdney
 Llama Llama loves to play with his friends.
But a bully goat comes along to mess with him.
The bully goat is mean to llama llama.
Read this important story and find out
how llama llama handles this situation.

by Rebecca Emberley

Crocodile and scorpion live peacefully themselves.
But one day, scorpion needs help to cross the river.
Scorpion asks the crocodile to help him get across.
One problem, crocodile and scorpion 
are always biting and stinging others.
Can these two creatures stop 
from using their natural instincts?
Read this classic fable and
 find out what happens.

by Karma Wilson
Lewis the mouse is settling in for the winter.
But there's a noise coming from outside his door.
Who goes there? Lewis fears the worst.
He must roar to scare away 
the mysterious creature.
But the creature continues to make noise.
Read this delightful story and
find out who the mystery creature is.

by Kadir Nelson

by Gus Gordon


Friday, February 7, 2014


I'll send you a card,
and write you a letter.
I'll bring you some hugs,
to make it even better.
I'll make you some tea
and cook your favorite food.
Set up a candle lit dinner,
for a romantic mood.
We'll cuddle on the couch,
and watch some TV.
And in this fondest moment,
you lean in and kiss me.
We'll sit on the patio,
and watch the sunset.
I'll recite you a poem,
from the moment we met.
When the night draws near,
we'll go for a walk.
We'll stroll by the beach,
where we'll sit and talk.
In the light of the night,
under the shining moon.
I'll take you in my arms,
and sing you a tune.
We'll lie on the sand,
and scan the night sky.
Make a wish on a star,
before it goes by.
When the night is over,
we'll hold each other tight.
We have one long kiss,
before we say good night.