Sunday, October 30, 2011


Q:   Why is it hard for a ghost to tell a lie?
A:   Because you can see through him.

Q:  Why doesn't Dracula have any friends?
A:  Because he's a pain in the neck.

Q:  Who won the skeleton beauty contest?
A:  No Body

Q:  Why does Dracula consider himself an artist?
A:  Because he likes to draw blood.

Q:  Who wrote the best seller about a haunted house?
A:   Ghost writer.

Q:  Why did the vampire quit the baseball team?
A:  They only let him be a BAT boy.

Q:  What did one casket say to the other casket?
A:  Is that you coffin.


Name four things that have numbers on them?

Name any states that start with the letter N?

Name three things you always do before you go to sleep?

Name a color that you can't rhyme with a word in the dictionary?

Name a friend who's first name starts with the letter S ?


Change the numbers 3 & 4 to the 4th letter in the word Skeleton.

Change the number 6 to the first letter in the word Witch.

Change the number 1 to the 2nd letter in the word Ghost.

Change the number 2 to the 2nd letter in the word Candy.

Change the numbers 7 & 8 to the 6th letter in the word Monster.

Change the number 5 to the 2nd letter in the word Coffin.

Change the number 9 to the 7th letter in the word Pumpkin.

___   ____    ___     ____    ___   ____    ____    ___    ___  
 1         2         3          4         5       6          7          8        9

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Buddy rummaged through his desk looking for his pen. He stumbled on a old photo with his two best friends.
He noticed on the back of the picture, there was an inscription, BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.
Buddy's thoughts turned back to Trunk or Treat? He had mixed feelings. "Do I go to Trunk or Treat or Do I go with my friends to the Halloween party?"  Suddenly Buddy had an idea. He called up his two friends and invited them over. Buddy presented Wally and Pete his offer. Spend thirty minutes at Trunk or Treat. If they choose to leave, Buddy will go with them to the Halloween party. Pete and Wally looked at each other. They both agreed it was a fair deal. Buddy jumped up and down when he heard the news. He took his two friends to a church parking lot. Pete and Wally's eyes lit up. They noticed the parking lot was packed. They saw a crowd of kids line up near the row of cars with their trunks opened. They went in line and found the adults were filling their bags with their favorite chocolate candy. Buddy, Pete and Wally sat down and ate hot dogs and drank some soda.  They had so much fun, they forgot about the thirty minute deal. Buddy and his two friends watched a car decorating contest and they participated in variety of games. When the party was over, Wally and Pete thanked Buddy for the invitation. "You were right," Pete answered, "Trunk or Treat was a lot of fun."

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Buddy placed all his photos from last years Trunk or Treat on a dining room table.
He laid out each photo side by side in order for his best friends to see.
He designed a special invitation for Wally and Pete. He looked up at the clock and noticed his friends were due at his house any minute.
Buddy rushed to set his plan in place. Wally and Pete walked in and noticed the special display. Buddy pleaded with his friends to join him at Trunk or Treat. But Wally and Pete were adamant, they were not coming. Buddy handed out the two invitations, making one last pitch.
Pete shook his head. "All my other friends tell me not to go,"Pete replied.
"They say it's not a Halloween party." Buddy paused for a moment. He looked straight at Pete, "What makes something Halloween?" Pete was not sure how to answer. "I guess when you go door to door for treats." 
Buddy became agitated. "I think Halloween is dressing up and receiving candy." "Yeah," Pete replied, "But you don't call it Halloween." Buddy sighed. "What's the difference what it's called," Buddy said, " I wore a costume and I got candy."
Buddy pointed out the fun things you can do at Trunk or Treat, but Wally and Pete did not budge. "We're going to a Halloween party," Pete announced. Wally and Pete decided to go home. Buddy sat down and dropped his head in disbelief. He pulled out his invitation. "I wish my friends would come."

                                 TO BE CONTINUED................. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Buddy opened his letter and found he received an invitation to a party.  It was a special occasion celebrated on Halloween night.  It's called Trunk or Treat.  Buddy pulled out his photo album and glanced at all the pictures taken a year ago.  A smile spread across his face, when he recalled last year's celebration. Buddy's  favorite teacher, Ms. Upshaw  had invited him to his first Trunk or Treat.  Buddy arrived at a church parking lot and noticed a row of cars decorated with their trunks opened.  He walked up to the first car and a family of four greeted him. They took turns and dropped treats in his bag. His eyes lit up when he noticed it was a chocolate bar.  Music filled the air while Buddy was served hot dogs and a drink.  Buddy watched a pumpkin carving contest and participated in several crafts and bobbing for apples.  He was so happy when he made new friends and won several prizes.  Afterwards, Buddy hugged Ms. Upshaw and thanked her for inviting him.  When Buddy turned to the last page of his photo album, he noticed there was something missing.   His two best friends were not there. 
 Would Pete and Wally join him this year?


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Teacher asked the class, "who gave the Liberty Bell to Philadelphia?"
Joey raised his hand up, "It must have been a duck." 
Teacher looked back at him, "did you say a duck?"
"Yes,"Joey replied , " you taught us there was a Quack in it."

Q: Why do you think a frog could be a good baseball player?
A:  Because he could catch flies.

Q:  Why did the math book cry?
A:   Because it had so many problems.

Q:   Why do lobsters have a hard time sharing?
A:    Because they're shellfish.

Q:   Why did the turtle go to the therapist?
A:    He wanted to come out of his shell.

Customer went in a pet shop.
"Have you got any cats going cheep?"
"No, sir," replied the clerk, all our cats go meow.


 Check your room for the following.
Is there anything in your room that rhymes with sock?
Are there any objects that begin with the letter J?
What is the largest thing in your room?
What is the smallest thing in your room?
Are there more green objects or blue objects in your room?


Can you unscramble the letters?
CLUE: Names of animals.

1-   ksukn
2-   aebr
3-   varebe
4-   quilresr
5-   edre
6-   ewales
7-   orcanco

Sunday, October 9, 2011


It's not fun to be pouty, I rather be silly.
It's not fun to be grumpy, it's better to be funny.
It's not fun to be crabby, I like to be zany.
It's not fun to be grouchy, I'd rather be happy.
It's not fun to be moody, It's better to be cheery.
It's not fun to be angry, I like to be friendly.
If I put good thoughts in my head,
it becomes easier to be positive.
The more I try, the better I can do this.
Please join me to express ourselves in a positive way.
It can be fun, so let's start this today.