Sunday, October 18, 2015

Part two..................

Buddy placed his photos from last years 
Trunk or Treat on a dining room table. 
He laid out each photo side by side 
in order for his friends to see.
He looked up at the clock and noticed
his friends were due at his house any minute.
Wally and Pete walked in and 
noticed the special display.
Buddy pleaded with his friends 
to join him at the Trunk or Treat.
Wally and Pete were adamant,
 they were not coming.
Buddy handed out invitations to Pete and Wally.
Pete shook his head at his friend.
"All my friends told me not to go," Pete replied.
"They say it's not a Halloween party.'
Buddy glared at Pete in disbelief.
"What makes anything 
a Halloween party?" Buddy asked.
"Well," Pete thought for a moment, 
" I guess when you go door to door for treats."
Buddy became agitated,
 "I think Halloween is about receiving candy."
"Yeah," Pete replied, "but you don't call it Halloween."
Buddy sighed. "What's the difference what's it called."
Buddy pointed out the fun activities
 at the Trunk or Treat event.
But Wally and Pete didn't change their mind.
"We're going to a Halloween party," Wally announced.
Pete and Wally decided to go home.
Buddy sat down and dropped his head on a pillow.
He stared at the invitations laying on the couch.
"I wish my friends would go with me."
TO BE CONTINUED....................  

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