Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Journey to Remember


We started on a journey, directed by God himself.

Who took us on a path, we couldn't do ourselves.

It brought us joy and abundance of love.

Together with lots of care, thanks to God above.

We continued our journey with some bumpy roads.

Still guided by God that led us to a crossroad.

Unfortunately pain and agony came along our ride.

God was not a spectator, he still did provide.

Our journey continued with moments hard to explain.

With more afflictions, but God's presence still remain.

He never left us, though sometimes we felt alone.

He was still present, we were not on our own.

Our journey was not forever, it had an end.

But thanks to God, we were best friends.

I still think of her, she's etched in my heart.

Those memories I hold, it will never part.


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