Tuesday, March 2, 2021



I call out your name when I walk inside the door.

I never hear your voice, I don't hear it anymore.

It's six years I loved you and I love you still

My heart is empty, no one else can fill.

I take another walk, down memory lane.

You may be gone, but those times will remain..

All the errands and tasks, I had the pleasure to do.

I cherished all those times, I did it for you.

Every moment we shared, it's memories we made.

I still recall those times, they will never fade;

I have all the pictures, it's still in a frame.

I shared it to others, but it's not the same.

Photos is my keepsake, all her memories too.

It's hard to move on, when I still miss you.

So I'm still mourning, it's something I can't hide.

It's still haunting me, the pain you had inside.

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