Wednesday, August 18, 2021



I rely on my feelings, they are catered for my mind.

But without you Jesus, it always leaves me blind.

I am a slave to sin, I'm in a serious bind.

If I don't come to you, then I'll never find.

I come as a sinner, I won't try to hide.

The way to be saved, only you could provide.

If I ignore my sins, then I'll fail to see.

There's nothing I can do that will save me.

When I'm with you, you revealed a sin.

It was a humbly moment, it was hidden within.

When I hurt someone, I also hurt you too.

When I don't obey you, I don't love you.

Love your enemies, it's something I knew.

If I still hate someone, what good did I do?

I'm sorry for my sin and you'll forgive me.

I need to do the same and forgive my enemy.

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