Sunday, August 29, 2021



I'm wild about the bible, I love to read God's book.

I find it very exciting. every time I look. 

So many great stories, so much you can learn.

It was written for you, in God's own word.

His word is powerful, it can surely help you.

It contains many promises, which are all true.

Memorize his truth, keep it in your heart.

Read the bible daily, it's a great way to start.

I'm wild about the bible, I love what I read.

I go through the pages and find what I need.

I search for a topic, inside this holy book.

I pick out a verse and take a closer look.

I read about Jesus, how he saved the lost.

It was an ultimate sacrifice that paid the cost.

I rely on the bible and faithfully look ahead.

Because I live on the words God had said.


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