Friday, February 10, 2023



Inside the bible,

is God's own word.

It was written for us,

so we can learn.

By reading the scriptures,

we come to understand.

That God created us,

we're part of his plan.

When we study the bible,

we find who God is.

His words can help us,

it's important to know this.

Then we discover,

what we need to do.

So read the bible,

and pray to God too.

Inside the bible,

it contains God's word.

There are bible verses,

we need to learn.

We can start with,

John three-sixteen.

There's only one way,

his words can mean.

God provided the way,

to save everyone.

And salvation is found,

in God's own Son.

So everyone should read,

God's point of view.

By this we'll know,

we can be saved too.

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