Friday, February 24, 2023



I look inside my home,

I see everything I own.

But one day will come,

this will all be gone.

Nothing I can keep,

so I think about this.

What did I accomplish,

is this what life is?

It's more than possessions,

or what I can gain.

So I should never do,

what's done in vain.

I know there is more,

and not just for me.

Now the question is,

what could it be?

The earth has nothing,

that I desire,

There's something better,

than anything I can acquire.

I find it's Jesus,

and he's been waiting.

With his open arms,

he said "abide in me"

I trust in him,

and embrace his plan.

He changed my life,

 only one who can.

So I live for Jesus,

I have all I need.

With a new purpose,

now I can proceed. 

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