Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ten Witty Writers

Ten wacky witty writers, all had a dream.
To publish a book, hard it may be seem.
They submitted their story, for an editor to read.
But which witty writer, will be able to succeed.
First writer wrote a tale, that included a swine.
But his story was weak, so now there's only nine.
Second writer wrote a memoir, she thought it was great.
But her story lacked emotion, so now there's only eight.
Third writer was confident, he wrote book on heaven.
But he did no research, so now there's only seven.
Fourth writer wrote poetry, but it's not part of the mix.
Guidelines state no poems, so now there's only six.
Fifth writer wrote a book, on how to stay alive.
But he sent no query, so now there's only five.
Sixth writer wrote on adventure, places you can explore.
She misspelled editor's name, so now there's only four.
Seventh writer wrote on nature, places you can see.
But he never checked facts, so now there's only three.
Eighth wrote on mystery, but she had no clue.
She received a rejection, so now there's only two.
Ninth writer wrote on travel, places you can have fun.
His book was never edited, so now there's only one.
Tenth writer read Writers mag, on what publishers need.
She followed all the steps and she was able to succeed.

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