Thursday, April 22, 2021



I called her an angel, the first day we met.

She changed my life, a moment I won't forget.

Her precious smile brought sunshine my way.

She brightened my life each and every day.

I called her my friend, who made my life better.

I treasured every moment we were together.

Every time I saw her, our bond grew strong.

And it all started the moment she came along.

I called her sweetheart and many times my honey.

She made me feel special when I tried to be funny.    

She was an amazing lady who touched my heart.

How happy she made me right from the start. 

Our six years ended when she passed away.

That joy I had is gone and I'm feeling sad today.

I'm left with a pool of tears and sitting here alone.

But one good thing I know, is God took CJ home.

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