Saturday, April 17, 2021

Another Moment Of Truth


Everyone needs help, that's nothing new.

The real question is, who will help you?

You could find an answer by reading a self-help book.

Or find a religion, they'll tell you where to look.

Someone will tell you, money will make you happy.

While others will say, go get yourself a puppy.

You could make a wish and your problem will go away.

While others will preach read your horoscope today.

You could close your eyes and think it will disappear.

You look into astrology and think the answer is there.

You could certainly pretend your problem is gone.

Or use illegal drugs, no matter if it's right or wrong.

You can find someone who claims they can save you.

You could say you don't need help and believe it's true.

There is only one answer in this moment of truth.

His name is JESUS who can help you through.

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