Monday, April 26, 2021



I was grieving and I was a mess.

I lost my dad and I was depressed.

Searched for a friend but I found none.

I wondered if my last days had begun.

There was no hope, I was ready to die.

Until a lovely lady came over to say Hi.

It was that day God brought us together.

My life changed, my days were better.

I miss her witty words that she often shared.

She expressed herself with remarkable flair.

An awe inspiring beginning to our great story.

God blessed us both and he deserves the glory.

My grieving never stops and my heart still beats.

Because when I had CJ, she made me complete.

But when I go out now, her image will appear.

It's hard to move on, when I still think she's still here.

I gave you a glimpse on what she did for me.

She made an impact that will last for eternity.

Now I'm grieving again, I lost my friend.

I stop and wonder what might have been.

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