Friday, June 4, 2021



Tears flow down my face,

when I write this poem to you.

My heart longs for your presence,

my eyes misses your smile too.

Your words play over and over,

when your image appears again.

My ears listen to your voice,

when you say I was your friend.

Our days went to months,

and lasted for six years.

Now the joys and laughter's are gone,

and I'm left with only tears.

No more Bless Your Heart,

and no more I Love You.

No more prayers before a meal,

no more dining for two.

Your Polish poet misses you,

my life will never be the same,

I'll never forget about you,

nor the day you came.

I can never say goodbye,

and let our memories fade away.

I look back at those times  

and wish you were here today .


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