Wednesday, June 16, 2021


 I met a lady who looks very pretty.
I found her funny and downright witty.
Those blue eyes and smile are so appealing.
My heart can't stop this great feeling.
Just the way she talks, its music to my ears.
I finally meet the one, after all those years.
I don't make a fuss and just play it cool.
I'll take it slowly, don't want to be a fool.
The moment our eyes meet, the time is right.
Both of us were lonely, but we've got tonight.
She takes my hand, we go for a walk.
I'm a little bit shy but I start to talk.
Next thing I know, she asked me for a date.
My answer is yes, I can hardly wait.
It's dining for two, candle lit dinner.
I know she's mine, the moment I met her.

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