Saturday, February 3, 2018

Danny's Only Wish

Buddy peeked through the doorway inside a hospital.
He noticed his friend, Danny weeping beside his bed.
Buddy sat next to him and tried to cheer him up.
"I am afraid," Danny cried. "I have surgery and I might die." 
Buddy grabbed his friend's hand and assured him he would live.
Buddy handed Danny a get well greeting card.
Danny noticed that the whole class signed the card.
Danny reached for a note on top of his dresser.
He handed the note to Buddy.
"Please show this," Danny pleaded, "to the whole class."
Danny wrote a little request, "please pray for me?"
Buddy promised his friend that the whole class will pray for him.
One week later, the school bell rang.
 All the kids rushed to their classrooms.
Room 112 was very quiet.
Buddy and the rest of the class sat and waited for the right moment.
The teacher stood nearby and stared at the clock. 
Moments later, the classroom door opened.
Danny walked slowly to his desk.
The whole class stood up and clapped their hands.
A banner hung overhead with the message,
Danny stood in front of the class,
and tried to hold back the tears.
Danny scanned the whole room and proudly,
thanked the class for all the prayers.

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