Saturday, January 27, 2018

Those Golden Days

I still recall when we were little kids,
playing ball with our friends.
We shared stories about school, 
we rode our bikes till the day had end.
We helped each other in many things,
no matter what we had to do.
Sometimes it was little things,
but it helped us through.
I still recall during our high school days, 
you practiced for the play.
I said those lines holding a book,
while you memorized everything you had to say.
Then you went before a crowd,
and did the best thing you ever had done.
And I stood up and clapped my hands,
I was proud you were number one.
I still recall those beautiful memories,
that no one can take away.
Memories of someone special like you,
that comes along once this way.
Those memories will linger on,
even if we are a thousand miles away.
Those precious moments of me and you,
and all our friends in those golden days. 

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