Saturday, August 27, 2022



There is someone who knows you,

and someone who cares.

That someone is Jesus, 

who is always there.

He loves you so much,

that he died for you.

He has risen again,

now to help you too.

There's someone who you need,

and you can't do without.

That someone is Jesus, 

that's who we're preaching about.

He took our place,

and paid for our sin.

He's our only Savior,

there's no one like him.

There's someone who's our redeemer,

and also our healer.

That someone is Jesus,

who's more than our teacher.

God's plan for salvation,

is only through his Son.

It's all in the bible,

read what he's done.

There's someone who's our King,

and prince of peace.

That someone is Jesus,

his kingdom will never cease.

He seeks the lost

and wandering still.

He intercedes for us,

to do God's will.

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