Saturday, July 16, 2022



I once had a dream that I'll never forget.

It seemed so real, about a stranger I met.

He held a big sign that you couldn't miss.

Printed in bold letters, "You Got To Hear This."

He pointed to the candles, with a message for me.

"They'll Shed Some Light, On How Life Should Be."

There were four candles, only one with a flame. 

Attached to each candle, it had their own name.

The first candle spoke, "It's JOY you need today."

"No one cared to listen, so my flame faded away."

Second candle proclaimed, "It's PEACE to bring harmony."

"They chose to hate instead, my flame you won't see."

"It's LOVE!" third candle said, "for anyone torn apart."

"They chose to ignore me, so I can't warm their heart."

The fourth candle declared, "I still have light."

"I represent HOPE!" you can use me tonight."

I took the one candle, to light the other three.

I came to realize, there's HOPE inside of me.

When I lit each candle, PEACE, JOY and LOVE. 

I receive all three, when I seek God above.

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