Wednesday, May 5, 2021



We both needed someone that only God could do.

God answered our prayer, he blessed us too.

We're fragile and lonely, when our friendship begun.

Our days got better and we had lots of fun.

We were so happy, every time we got together.

On every occasion, it was the best times ever.

For all those times, we shared through the years.

It brought us closer in our joys and in our tears.

We had each other to listen and to share.

We clearly showed that we really did care.

Through the painful times, we had each other.

We never gave up since we loved one another.

From the first day we met, till her last day here.

The best six years I've had, with a friend so dear.

In my times of grief, I may see the sun rise today.

But life is not the same since she passed away.

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