Saturday, May 8, 2021

Your Servant Is Waiting


This has kept me awake, every day and night.

I'm looking for my mission but nothing in sight.

What is the will of God for the life of mine?

Whatever it is, I want your glory to shine.

Lead me down the path, where you want me.

I may not know when, but I'm ready as can be.

You know the harvest is full, but workers are few.

There are widows and orphans that are praying to you.

It's very difficult for me, with no purpose or plan.

I listen for your voice, the best way I can.

Whatever you have for me, it doesn't matter at all.

I'm here to do your will, I'm ready for your call.

I can't find anything, what choice do I make.

I rather wait for you and not make a mistake.

It's very clear now, it's a message to you.

Your servant is waiting, what can I do?

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