Saturday, December 17, 2022



When troubles and burdens,

that come your way.

It's easy to get down,

and give up today.

You get discouraged,

you made a mistake.

You failed again,

with so much at stake.

You're life is not over,

a new day has begun.

You get back up,

and show everyone.

God will help you,

on problems you face.

Wait patiently for him,

soon it'll take place.

There will be times,

it will be tough.

The road you take,

can also be rough.

God is greater,

than what you're going through.

Therefore he is able,

what he promised to do.

No matter what happens,

know this very thing.

Do not be anxious,

or worry about anything.

Soon you will see,

good times are ahead.

Stay focused on God,

and the words he said.

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