Friday, December 30, 2022



The word of God,

is within my heart.

I treasure his words, 

so they never depart.

They keep me going,

during trials I bare.

So I never forget,

to say a prayer.

I begin each day,

to renew my mind.

There's always a verse,

that I will find.

God speaks to me,

with words to remind.

He's here to help,

when I'm in a bind.

I may not know,

what I face today.

But my savior Lord,

will lead the way.

So when the time comes,

the battle I'm in.

I choose this moment,

to trust in him.

My choices really matter,

so I remember this.

I want my desires,

to always reflect his.

So from this moment,

a promise I can say.

To do God's will,

and to love and obey.

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