Saturday, October 15, 2022



Pray without ceasing, watch what God will do.

Believe what God said, he has plans for you.

Think about his grace and abounding in love.

He'll pour out blessings, it'll be more than enough.

That's just the beginning, wait for his Holy Spirit.

He's going to guide you, you're going to make it.

It's done in God's time, hold on a bit longer.

God is not finished, your days will get better.

Pray without ceasing, he's not forgotten you.

Every promise God made, he's going to do.

Prayer must be in line, according to his will.

His timing is never late, you just wait until.

Surely he'll help you, it's done in God's way.

For the glory and honor, he deserves every day.

So trust in the Lord, his ways are great.

Draw closer to him, while you patiently wait.

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