Saturday, October 1, 2022



There's so many things,

I'm thankful for.

God's mercy and grace,

and so much more.

He's abounding in love,

he's faithful too.

He changed my life,

he made me new.

Every time I praise,

my Savior and King.

I thank the Lord,

what he's done for me.

He died on the cross,

he set me free.

Now he blesses me,

with every good thing.

Every time I pray,

I'm on my knees.

I come before Jesus,

I make this plea.

Where do I go,

what can I do?

Show me the way,

and I'll serve you.

Every time I sing,

I stand and rejoice.

I worship my Savior,

with my joyful noise.

I give glory to God,

he's worthy of praise.

I'll obey the Lord,

the rest of my days.

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