Wednesday, September 8, 2021



This message is important, please do not ignore this.
The second coming of Jesus, you do not want to miss.
God's word is clear, "he who has an ear, let him hear."
The day of the Lord is coming, judgment day is near.
Consider carefully what you read, discern what is right.
Keep God's word in view, the righteous will do in sight.
All the desires of this world will soon disappear.
But for those who love Jesus, he is coming here.
The day of judgment, God will separate good and bad.
God welcomes the good, plus the blessings he'll add.
This life is only for a moment, compare to forever.
When you choose Jesus, it'll be the best decision ever.
The clock keeps ticking, another day goes by.
But before you know it, you will surely die.
Whether you're ready or not, you do not want to miss.
The second coming of Jesus, please do not ignore this.  

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