Thursday, July 1, 2021

IF I HAD.........................


If I had one more moment to see your face.

I'd run to you and give you a warm embrace.

If I had one more day that I could see you.

I'd take you to Cracker Barrel and dine for two.

If I had one more occasion for me to plan.

I'd surprise you on your birthday if I can.

If I had one more time to say a word or two.

I'd say Bless Your Heart and I Love You too.

If we had one more meal, we'd cook together.

We would thank God for the best times ever.

If I had one more visit, I'd sing you a song.

I would enjoy your company all day long.

If I had only one wish, you would be with me.

I'd welcome you home and make your special tea.

If I could pick just one, to be our favorite holiday.

We'd prepare a special meal on Thanksgiving Day.

If I had one more text that I could send.

I would say, Thanks For Being My Friend.

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