Sunday, February 10, 2019

Valentine's Day

I'll send you a card,
and write you a letter.
I'll bring you some hugs,
to make it even better.
I'll make you some tea,
and cook your favorite food.
Set up a candle lit dinner,
for a romantic mood.
We'll cuddle on the couch,
and watch some TV.
In this very moment,
you lean and kiss me.
We'll sit on the patio,
and watch the sunset.
I'll recite you a poem.
about the moment we met.
When the night draws near,
we'll go for a walk.
We'll stroll by the park,
where we'll sit and talk.
In the light of the night,
under the shining moon,
I'll take you in my arms,
and sing you a tune.
We'll lie on the grass,
and scan the night sky.
Make a wish on a star,
while it goes by.
When the night is over,
we'll hold each other tight.
We have one long kiss,
before we say good night.

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