Sunday, January 22, 2012

What will you be?

The school bell rang, the students headed for the door. Except for Toby, he sat down glued to his chair. He stared at the chalkboard and gazed at the words the teacher wrote down. "What will you be when you grow up?" Toby's mind was filled with many choices. The teacher, Ms. Harper leaned over and  urged him to pick the one he enjoyed the most. But Toby loved more than one vocation. He walked home wondering what to do. The young boy dashed to his kitchen and called to his mother. Toby's mother suggested he visit the library. The young boy decided to check out four books at the library. He scanned every page and found he had more choices. On the way out the young lad met his friend Laurie. Laurie explained she wanted to be a librarian. Toby imagined himself in that role. He pictured himself reading to the children. Toby agreed it was a great choice. Fred walked by and announced he wanted to be a fireman. Toby recalled when the whole class visited the fire station. He was so excited when  he tried out the fireman's hat. "That's a good idea," Toby replied. "Maybe I'll choose to be a fireman."
Barry came along and explained he wanted to be an astronomer. Toby recalled the nights he watched the stars in the dark. He pulled out his telescope and gaze at the starry night "That's another great idea," Toby admitted. Toby walked home with his head hanging down. He sat down next to his mother and explained his frustration. "I keep changing my mind," Toby said, "it's hard for me to choose one." Toby's mother suggested he select one that his heart desires. Then Toby had an idea. He prepared his speech before the night was over. The next morning, Toby arrived at school with a big smile on his face. "OK, class," Ms. Harper announced, "let's get started." Dolly went first. She proudly told the class she wanted to be a doctor. David explained he wanted to be an engineer. Finally, it was Toby's turn. He pulled out a book and displayed it to the class. "If I can't decide on one vocation," Toby began, "I can always write a story." So Toby stood in front of the class and  proudly announced, "I want to be a writer."

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