Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Ticket To Happiness

I am going to be happy today.
Even though the skies are gray.
No matter what trouble come my way,
I am going to be happy today.
We can post the above words on our fridge
and believe in it. But it means nothing unless
we do our part. It all starts inside of me.
I can create in my mind a feeling based
on the thoughts I hold inside.
What thoughts do you keep in your mind?
Are your thoughts positive or are they negative thoughts?
Do you carry hate inside or do you carry thoughts on love?
Our thoughts can have a tremendous power over our mind and body.
It carries on to our actions, and the words we speak.
It also effects how we feel. 
So ticket to happiness starts with a positive outlook in life.
So keep your heart free from hate.
Keep your mind free from worry.
And fill your heart and mind with love and laughter.
That's your ticket to Happiness.

Life can be so much fun,
If you know how it's done.
And you can do this part,
If you open up your heart.
So if you really know how,
You could do this now.
Put a smile on your face,
Every time you go some place.
Share it to everyone you know,
Then your gloomy day will go.
So when your smile comes out,
There can be no doubt.
When you do this one thing,
It will make your heart sing.
Put your fears to rest,
Make you feel the best.

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