Friday, March 10, 2023



     I bow my head,

I start to pray.

I ask the Lord,

to help me today.

I know he will,

I really believe.

I rely on him,

for everything I need.

So every morning,

before I start,

I pray to the Lord,

with an open heart.

Then something happens,

I can't explain.

I raise my voice,

and praise his name.

I get this feeling,

I need to stand.

I take this moment,

to raise my hand.

I feel his presence,

I start to sing.

I thank the Lord,

for every good thing.

I pull out my bible,

I start to read.

The promise he made,

he will always lead.

As long as I live, 

I hold on to this faith.

The Lord is with me,

with every step I take.


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