Saturday, September 17, 2022



Look in the bible,

what did God say?

It's time to read it,

it's still true today.

How will you know,

who God really is? 

What is God's will,

are you part of this?

Take a look inside,

read the first page.

God created everything,

just like a stage.

We're all in it,

God has a plan.

There's a purpose,

for every woman and man.

Check out a verse,

like John three sixteen.

Read the whole scripture,

what does it mean?

It's more than words,

it's about God's love.

A message about salvation,

you can be part of.

So read God's word,

keep it in your mind.

It's the only book,

where you'll always find.

God is with you,

especially in time of need.

He'll never forsake you,

that's guaranteed!

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