Saturday, October 19, 2019

Broad River Road Prayer

Down Broad River Road, I prayed to you.
That my burden was heavy, please help me through.
I called you, Lord, to have mercy on me.
Help a wretched sinner, who's making this plea.
High above in heaven, you heard my cry.
You found me wandering, and hurting inside.
You reached out in love, and touched this soul.
By taking my life, and making me whole.
Down Broad River Road, I prayed to you,
That my troubles never cease, what can I do?
It's so hard to bear, the problems that are there.
So I look to you, and offer this prayer.
Help me overcome, the obstacles I face.
Guide me with your spirit, empowered by your grace.
You took my hand, and helped me on the way.
Down a narrow path, that led me to this day.
So any road I take, I can say a prayer.
I know in my heart, that you are there.
I can count on you, to be my guide.
Good times or bad, you're at my side. 

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