Saturday, April 18, 2015

Toby is the best

Toby walks in the living room and
tries to get his sister's attention.
"Look at me!" said Toby.
"I am the best pirate in the world."
Toby proclaims.
"You are no pirate," said his sister, Betty.
"You have no sword and no ship."
Toby lowers his head and walks away.
Moments later, Toby runs back in the living room.
"Look here," Toby shouts. "I am the best pilot."
"You can't be a pilot," said Betty.
"You never flew a plane and you are afraid of heights."
Once again, Toby turns around and walks away.
Toby sprints back in the room with a shout.
"I am the best doctor in the world.":
"No way!" said Betty.
"You faint at the sight of blood."
Once more, Toby walks away disappointed.
Toby walks back in the living room.
"Look at me now," cried out Toby.
I am a superhero."
Betty shakes her head in disgust.
"OK, OK," Toby said. "You are right."
"I am not a pirate, pilot, doctor or even a superhero."
"But!" said Toby.
"I am the best in one thing."
"What is that?" asked Betty.
"I have great imagination," answered Toby.
"You are right!" Betty agreed.
You certainly have great imagination."

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