Saturday, March 28, 2015

Thoughts To Ponder (Part one)

If you failed today,
you get a second chance.
It's called tomorrow.

Don't look back,
you're not going that way.

Disappointments are inevitable,
discouragement is a choice.

To handle yourself, use your head.
To handle others, use your heart.

Don't let a day go by, 
without making someone laugh,
or give a compliment.

A smile happens in a flash,
but the memory can last a lifetime.

Don't be afraid to learn,
knowledge is weight less.
It's not a burden but a
treasure you can always carry easily.

The only failure is not to try.

Don't quit on life,
God has not quit on you.

Think of God first,
think of others second,
and then put yourself third.

I can do all things
through Christ who strengthen me.

God's word is a lamp to my feet,
and light to my path.

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