Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Henry Loves Pierogi.

Henry ran down the stairs and burst into the kitchen. "Wait for me, Dad." His Father was preparing a Holiday tradition. They are going to make "Pierogi." The table was set, with mounds of flour, eggs, and water. Henry invited his friend, Pete to join. Pete walked into the kitchen and started to chuckle. He watched Henry pace back and forth around his Father. "Henry, relax," Pete replied. Henry went over and tussled with Pete. "I waited 364 days for this," Henry answered.  Henry and Pete watched in awe as Henry's Father mixed  the flour, eggs and water to create the dough. The Polish Father used a rolling pin to flatten the dough until it was thick enough to cut. All three worked together to cut the dough with a cup and place sauerkraut inside and seal it. They dropped all the pierogi in a huge pot of boiling water. Henry and Pete took turns to stir the pierogi in the pot. "Is it ready?" Henry asked impatiently. Henry's Father poured all the pierogi in a strainer and placed the hot steaming dumplings in a large bowl and mixed it with butter. Henry's Father placed some of the pierogi on a flat large dish. "This is better than pizza." Henry announced.  "Mmmm, this is great," Pete said. Henry and his Father joined Pete at the table and feasted on the pierogi. Before Henry took another bite, he turned to his Father and said, "Thanks, Dad." His Father smiled and replied, "you're welcome, Son." Pete's mouth was too full to reply but Henry and his Father knew Pete enjoyed this Polish treat. "


Sunday, November 20, 2011

What will I be?

"Buddy, have you done your homework." 
"No, mom."
"It's better you start now." 
I grab my pen and pull out a piece of paper.
I start to imagine what will I be?
I could be an artist.
Every so often I draw animals on my sketch paper.
I stop and ponder another thought.
I could be an astronaut.
Now and then I read about Neil Armstrong and picture myself landing on a another planet.
From time to time I think I could be an archaeologist.
Every so often I dig part of the yard and search for anything valuable.
But then again, I could be a teacher.
I enjoy teaching my younger brother new things.
I imagine also that I could be an astronomer.
Every night I pull out my telescope and scan the night sky.
I could be a librarian like Mrs. Kurchell.
I love to spend time at the library and I enjoy reading books.
I have other choices like maybe I could be a veterinarian.
I take care of my two dogs and a cat.
"Buddy, have you finished your homework?"    
"Not yet, mom."
"Stop daydreaming."
"OK, mom."
I have a assignment, we have to write a story on "What will I be?"
I have many ideas, where do I start?
With my imagination, I could be a writer.
You never know.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Q:   Who is not hungry on Thanksgiving Day?
A:    The turkey, he's already stuffed.

Q:   What happens when cranberries get sad?
A:   They turn into blueberries.

Q:   What am I thankful for on Thanksgiving?
A:   I am thankful I am not a turkey.

Q:   Why did Pilgrims pants always fall down?
A:   Because they wore their belt buckle on their hat.

Q:   Why did the turkey cross the road?
A:   To prove he was not a chicken.

A turkey farmer wanted a perfect turkey with more legs to satisfy his family.
He told his friends, he finally did it. He cloned a turkey with six legs.
His friends asked him how did it taste. "I don't know," The farmer said,
"I could never catch it."


If I gave you ten dollars and you gave me back nine dollars.

If I gave you eight dollars and you gave me back seven dollars.

If I gave you six dollars and you gave me back five dollars.

If I gave you four dollars and you gave me back three dollars.

If I gave you two dollars and you gave me back one dollar.

How much money do I have?


Change the number 1 to the 7th letter in the word Dessert.

Change the number 2 to the 1st letter in the word Harvest.

Change the number 3 to the 3rd letter in the word Cranberry.

Change the numbers 4 & 11 to the 7th letter in the word Pumpkin Pie.

Change the number 5 to the 4th letter in the word Turkey.

Change the number 6 to the 1st letter in the word Stuffing.

Change the numbers 7 & 12 to the 8th letter in the word Dumplings.

Change the numbers 8 & 10 to the 4th letter in the word Family.

Change the number 9 to the 4th letter in the word Gravy.

                       --   --    --    --    --    --    --  --   ---    ---     ---    ---
                       1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10    11    12

Monday, November 14, 2011


You get out of bed, you put on your shoes.
What will you do, there's so much to choose.
How about a game, that is something new.
To make someone smile and make them happy too.
So let's get up and go,
Share a smile and say hello.
Take a walk across the street, 
Greet everyone that you meet.
Wear a smile like the sun,
Show the world how it's done.
So let's get up and go,
Share a smile and say hello.
Wave your hand in the air,
Show the people everywhere.
You are there to say Hi,
To everyone you pass by.
So let's get up and go,
Share a smile and say hello.
Lend a hand when you can,
Treat them all like a friend.
You will find it's really true,
It's the right thing to do.
So let's get up and go.
Share a smile and say hello.
Don't stop till the day is done,
Show your friends this is fun.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Words I wish my mother would say to me. Instead,
I hear, brush your teeth, clean your room, do your
homework. I know my mom loves me and is looking
out for me. But it's hard to do the things my mom
asks me to do. So I wrote down my top ten things I avoid.
10. Brush your teeth.
 9.  Eat your vegetables.
 8.  Clean your room.
 7.  Do a chore.
 6.  Go to bed on time.
 5.  Get up early.
 4.  Do your homework.
 3.  Be nice to the class trouble maker.
 2.  Follow directions.
 1.  Pay attention.
So you can see, I have some work ahead. I admit sometimes
I don't listen. Maybe I don't pay attention.
No one is perfect. I love my mom and I will try to do better.
Right now, I am a work in progress.
But, please Mom, no vegetables tonight.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

What have I learned?

I know I can learn something everyday.
I try to learn anything even if it's a little thing.
What have I learned recently? Here's my list.

1) I feel good about myself when I help someone in need.

2) My listening skills are better than my words of advice.

3) When I have pain in my body, I don't have to be one.

4) My dog doesn't want to eat my spinach.

5) When I wave at someone, they wave back at me.

6) When I say I'm sorry, it isn't hard as I thought it would be.

7) I can cry and still be strong.

8) When I make mistakes, I can still try again.

9) You don't have to be popular to be cool.

10) You should forgive yourself.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


A lways think positive.
B elieve you can make a difference.

C are about animals.

D on't give up on yourself, ever.

E xpress gratitude.

F orgive one another.
G et along with everyone.

H ang on to your dreams.

I magine you can succeed.

J oin a school club.

K eep your heart free from anger.

L ove without conditions.

M ake someone happy.

N ever lie, cheat, or steal.

O bey your parents.

P ray to God.

Q uick to listen, slow to speak.

R ead a book.

S tart your day with a smile.

T hank God for what you have.

U se your time wisely.

V alue your family.

W inning isn't everything.

eX alt God.

Z est for life.