Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Andy the Pretender

Andy walked into his living room and stood in front of his mother and his brother. "Look at me," Andy announced, "I am a doctor." Andy wore a surgical mask and one pair of white gloves. "I am going to be a great doctor." Andy added. "Yes," Mom agreed, "you will save lives and heal sick people." "You can't be a doctor," his brother David interrupted. "You faint at the sight of blood." Andy hung his head down and walked away in shame.
The young boy came back to the room holding on to a basketball. "Look, at me now," Andy proclaimed. "I am a basketball player." "Yes, you are," his mom said, "I can't wait to see you play." David shook his head. "You can't be a basketball player," David retorted, "you are too short." Andy turned around and walked away. Andy sprinted back to the living room and shouted, "I am a airplane pilot." Andy skipped around the room pretending he was flying an airplane. "You are a pilot," mom replied, "you will be the best.""You can't be a pilot," said David, "you are afraid of heights." Andy gave his brother a dirty look and he walked away. Andy ran back to the room and proudly announced he was a librarian. He walked around pretending he was scanning a book he had in his hand. "You are a librarian," his mom said. But David interrupted again, "You can't be a librarian," David exclaimed, "you hate to read any books." Andy stood motionless for a moment. He put his hands on his hip and made a startling comment. "I am no doctor, I am no basketball player, I am no airplane pilot, nor a librarian." "But," Andy added, "I have great imagination. And that means one thing." "What is that," David asked. "I will be a great writer," Andy proclaimed."
 David and Mom both agreed.

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