Saturday, June 24, 2017

Friends In Need

Give a smile, give a hand.
Give some love, to a friend.
Give some comfort, give some care.
Give some joy, where it's rare.
Say a prayer, wipe a tear.
Greet someone, with a cheer.
Send a card, go say Hi.
Make a call, give it a try.
Share your time, make it so.
Do some good, wherever you go.
Give a smile, give a hand.
Give some love, to a friend.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Memories Of My Dad

For all the walks, chats and pierogi we made.
For Bingo, Probe and other games we played.
For all the songs we sang and the times we prayed.
Trips to the park, festivals and visits to the zoo.
For the times at the library and Sundays at church too.
For all the special holidays I spent with you.
We watched TV together and played connect four.
Outings at the party and shopping at a store.
We dug up a garden and so much more.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Reading is Fun

Check out the cover, look inside the book.
Turn the page over, take a closer look.
Read the first line, imagine what you find.
You uncover a story, that will dazzle your mind.
You find every page, a story to tell.
All about the characters and places they dwell.
This exciting new tale, begins on page one.
You soon discover, that reading is fun.
Open up a book, read the first page.
The scene will emerge, just like a stage.
You discover another world, inside this book.
The adventure begins, the moment you look.
You come across a story, where a tale is told.
You read every word and watch it unfold.
The excitement continues, beyond page one.
You experience the thrill, that reading is fun.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Seek GOD

My day is filled, with trial and error.
My mind is cluttered, with burdens I bear.
My heart is troubled, when no one cares.
So then my soul, seeks God who's there.
My day goes by, with so much stress.
My mind is looking, for peace and rest.
My heart is weary and hurting too.
So then my soul, calls out to you.
You healed my heart and cleansed my soul.
You gave me strength and made me whole. 
You sent your spirit, to guide me through.
You show your love, in all you do.
My day looks bad and I'm feeling down.
My mind is lost, from pacing around.
My heart beats fast, in face of fear.
So then my soul, seeks God who's near.
The time has come, where it's hard to cope.
My mind is searching, where there is hope.
My heart does ache, for perfect love.
So then my soul, seeks God above.
You healed my heart and cleansed my soul.
You gave me strength and made me whole.
You sent your spirit, to guide me through.
You show your love, in all you do.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Build A Better World

Buddy is so excited, to tell everyone.
He's going to the library, to have some fun.
He discovered a place, where you can always find.
A variety of books, that will captivate your mind.
Buddy is on hand, for the summer read.
He's looking for books, he's going to need.
With so much to choose, he couldn't pick just one.
He picked out twenty and he wasn't done.
Buddy found a awesome book, on a spine tingling tale.
A non-fiction book, about a mammoth whale.
He read a tearful story on a long lost dog.
And a fact filled book, on a slimy little frog.
BUILD A BETTER WORLD, is the summer reading plan.
So visit your local library and sign-up when you can.
Bring along all your friends and take a good look.
There's a great selection, so check out a book. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Class of 2017

We take the time, to reflect on the past.
We cherish the moments, and wish it would last.
Those times we shared, in our work and play.
The many memories we have, of each school day.
From dawn to sunset, it was so much fun.
The joy of success, in the work we've done.
Now we look forward, to the new road we take.
And all the big plans, we have to make.
We reach for our dreams and seek new friends,
We take on challenges, whatever life may send.
With a new set of goals, it's time to proceed.
We give our best and know we'll succeed. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Poem 4 MOMS

She brings you hope,
in place of fear.
She brings you light,
to make it clear.
She shows you love,
with praise and cheers.
She lifts your heart,
and wipes the tears.
She makes you laugh,
when you're feeling sad.
She cares for you,
when life looks bad.
With a loving heart,
and a caring smile.
She makes you feel,
its all worthwhile. 
In times of trouble,
she comes to you.
She calms you down,
and helps you through.
So whatever you need,
you will always find.
You have a mother,
who is helpful and kind.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Second Chance

I could have been your friend,
but I treated you so bad.
Now I am so ashamed,
I was so angry and mad.
I could have been your friend,
if I treated you like one.
I realize, I was wrong,
I'm sorry, for what I have done.
If only, I had another chance,
I would treat you so good.
I would shower you with love,
the way I should.
I could have been your friend,
and helped you too.
I wish, I had a second chance,
I would be nice to you.


Forgiveness doesn't change the past.
But enlarges the future.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Ballad 4 The Lonely People

Who can I call, when I'm feeling down?
Or share the time, when no one is around?
Who can I help, or lend a hand?
Or joke around and be there friend?
I live each day, with no friend around.
I see no one, but the sun go down.
I keep on looking, I keep on smiling.
I never give up, but I keep on trying.
Who do I know, that I could see?
That I could ask, to be with me?
Where do I go, that I could find?
Someone who could be friendly and kind?
I live each day, with no friend around.
I see no one, but the sun go down.
I keep on looking, I keep on smiling,
I never give up, but I keep on trying.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dear Jesus

When I hear about, all the good you do.
My heart cries out, for you to help me too.
When I read about the message you say.
My mind tells me, that I need to pray.
When I look at myself, there is hope I know.
As long as I believe, you can help me grow.
So I take this time and pray to you now.
I offer my life and make this vow.
I give this life, in service to you.
Just show me the way, in what I can do.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Ticket To Smile

Life can be so much fun.
If you know how it's done.
You can do this part.
If you open up your heart.
So if you really know how.
You can do this now.
Put a smile on your face.
Every time you go some place.
Share it to everyone you know.
Then your gloomy day will go.
So when your smile comes out.
There can be no doubt.
When you do this one thing.
It will make your heart sing.
Put your fears to rest.
Make you feel the best.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Ballad of Jimmy D

He left his mom and dad, to live on his own.
He found no joy, to be all alone.
He looked for a job and he found something good.
But all he wanted, was a new livelihood.
Jimmy's coming home, Jimmy's coming home.
So say a big hello, to the boy I know.
He left his special friends, without saying goodbye.
He left his lovely home, with tears in his eyes.
He wanted new friends, he could always give a hand.
He wished for those, who would always understand.
Jimmy's coming home, Jimmy's coming home.
So say a big hello, to the boy I know.
He left all his friends, who helped him along the way.
He wished, he said thanks, before he left that day.
He dreams of coming home, to his mom and dad.
And see all the friends, he once proudly had.
Jimmy's coming home, Jimmy's coming home.
So say a big hello, to the boy I know.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Clever Grocer ?

Charlie owns a grocery store.
He put up a sign on the window.
Tomatoes 25 cents a piece
or three for a dollar.
The first customer walked in and complained.
"It's not fair!" the young lady declared.
"I should get four tomatoes for a dollar."
Charlie apologized and provided the customer
four tomatoes for a dollar.
The second customer stepped inside the store.
He made a big fuss about the sign.
"Your sign can't be right!" he said.
"It should be four tomatoes, instead of three."
Charlie agreed with the old man.
He sold him four tomatoes for a dollar.
Charlie's friend, Ben stood near by.
He heard both customers complaint.
Ben pulled Charlie aside.
"Aren't you forgetting something?" Ben asked.
"You should correct the window sign."
"What mistake?" Charlie asked.
"Before the sign was up," Charlie said.
"Customers bought only one tomato"

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A song and a prayer

I pray to you, I sing to you.
With all I have and do.
That some day the prayers I say.
That you, Oh GOD would bless me today.
With an open heart and loving care.
You showed us, you're always there.
To do the things, you promised to do.
And now we know it's all true.
I pray to you, I sing to you.
With all I have and do. 
That something good would come today.
That you, Oh GOD would lead us the way.
With my open eyes and hands in bind.
With lonely heart and peace to find.
With song and prayer to sing and say.
Oh GOD, please help here today.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Memories of Yesterday

Those days are gone, those years still shine.
Those memories remain, of friends who were mine.
The very first day, when we just met.
To the last day, I will never forget.
All those years of good and bad.
Those memories still shine and never sad.
I often stop and think about them.
I ask myself, why did it end?
Those times of fun, those times of laughs.
Those times of love, those days have passed.
Those days are gone, those years still shine.
Thanks to them, those friends of mine.

Friday, March 10, 2017

The Hidden Tragedy

Just never knew the feelings you had inside.
Until they told me the reason why you died.
Lord only knew the grief you had inside.
I just wish you could have confide.
All those feelings you were trying to hide.

Remember there is life beyond the pain.
Sad to say these words are all in vain.
At times life is cruel, I don't know why.
Can only say it's no reason to die.
 Knowing now what you went through back then.
I wish I could help you my friend.
Now I pray for you till the end. 

Friday, March 3, 2017


Smile at your mailman, smile at the cook.
Smile at your neighbor, don't just look.
Smile at your teachers, at your school.
Show everyone that smiling is cool.
Smile at the barber, smile at your kin.
Smile at the painter, don't hold it in.
Share your smile, who are close to thee
Show your smile, for everyone to see.
Smile at the gardener, say a little hi.
Smile at the doctor, don't be shy.
Share your smile, like the morning sun.
Show the whole world, how it's done.
So walk to the park or any other place.
You can put a smile, on everyone's face.
So take a little stroll and say hello.
And share your smile, wherever you go.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Let's Be Happy

It's not fun to be pouty,
I rather be silly.
It's not fun to be grumpy,
it's better to be funny.
It's not fun to be crabby,
I like to be zany.
It's not fun to be grouchy,
I rather be happy.
It's not fun to be gloomy,
it's better to be cheery.
It's not fun to be angry,
I like to be friendly.
I don't want to miss,
 a life full of bliss.
So no more feeling moody,
I am going to be HAPPY.

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Image Of You

Look in the mirror, what do you see?
Is it someone you are proud to be?
The face you show, is there a smile?
The clothes you wear, is it your style?
Look in the mirror, what do you find?
Is it someone who is friendly and kind?
Is it someone who is hard to please?
Or is it someone who is always at ease?
Look in the mirror, what can you tell?
Is it someone who is looking well?
Does it show what you want to be?
Then ask yourself, is it the real me?

Friday, February 10, 2017

Ten Children Books

Ten new children books, sit on a shelf.
You're invited to come and pick one yourself.
Peter came up first, he waited patiently in line.
He boldly grabbed one, now there's only nine.
Tiffany took her turn, she could hardly wait.
She decided on one, now there's only eight.
Wally loved the library, he called it heaven.
He chose his favorite, now there's only seven.
Billy filled with glee, stared at the mix.
He found his favorite, now there's only six.
Mandy came along, she was next to arrive?
She quickly picked one, now there's only five.
Miranda came up next, she wanted to explore.
She grabbed her favorite, now there's only four.
Erica got her chance, a moment to see.
She found her favorite, now there's only three.
Three children books left, each one brand new.
Until Joshua took one, now there's only two.
Michelle saw the ruckus, she joined the fun.
She picked her favorite, now there's only one.
Jody had no choice, only one left to choose.
She grabbed the last one, a book she can use.
The librarian had noticed, the shelf had none.
She placed ten more, now you can choose one.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Magic Of This LOVE

It all starts with a look in her eye.
It may be a glance or the way she says Hi.
It can be the way she walks that looks so fine.
Now you can't get her out of your mind.
It's the magic of this love.
She's all that you can think of.
It hits you straight, in your heart.
You feel it, right from the start.
Suddenly you feel this love inside.
This feeling you have, you cannot hide.
Your heart beats now, your smile comes out.
You know it's love, there is no doubt.
It's the magic of this love.
She's all that you can think of.
It hits you straight, in your heart.
You feel it, right from the start.
You know your life, is not the same.
All because the girl of your dreams came.
You feel this bond and the joy it brings.
You know it's love, it's a wonderful thing.
It's the magic of this love.
She's all that you can think of.
It hits you straight in your heart.
You feel it, right from the start.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Call To Worship

Every Sunday morning, to church we go.
We come to serve, the God we know.
With bible in hand and a open heart.
We're ready to worship, when the service starts.

We hear the melody, from the worship band.
We all stand up and raise our hand.
The choir is singing, in a single voice. 
We all join in, with our joyful noise.

We praise the Lord, when we sing along
We bring him honor, in every song.
We look forward, when the pastor preaches.
Sermon on God's word, is what he teaches.

We end the service with our prayers.
We say it aloud, to God who cares.
For we come together, in one accord.
To show our devotion, to the precious Lord.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Best Three Little Words

There are three little words, that you could say.
That will bring joy to someone today.
The best three little words, you will ever know.
Believe in these words and let it show.
The power in these words, we may not always see.
But it can touch the heart of someone close to thee.
It can create a feeling that is precious to our heart.
And strengthen the bond that no one could take apart.
We leave our mark on each word we say.
Words that will effect the ones we see each day.
So the best thing you could ever say or do.
Say these three little words: I LOVE YOU.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Love vs. Hate

Jim grabbed his brother from behind 
and wrestled him to the floor.
"Give it back!" Jim shouted.
"What's going on?" their mother shouted.
Their father walked in and
separated the two boys.
"Will you boys ever stop fighting?"
The parents decided their boys will 
spend a weekend with Grandpa.
Jim and Tim followed Grandpa to the car.
"Where are we going?" Jim asked Grandpa.
"We're going to visit the zoo," Grandpa announced.
They stopped near a large gated fence,
where the lions roamed the field.
Grandpa sat both boys down,
and proceeded to tell them a story.
There were two lions that fought over everything.
One lion was full of anger
and the other lion was full of love.
"Which lion do you think will win
this fight?" Grandpa asked the boys.
The two brothers looked at each other,
and shook their heads. "we don't know."
"The one you feed," Grandpa replied.
Grandpa leaned over and whispered to them.
"The same fight is going inside of you."
"Which one do you feed?"

Friday, January 6, 2017

Let's Get Fit

So are you ready to get fit?
Do you have the time to commit?
Exercise is easy, it can be done.
It's a work out and it's really fun.
If you stumble now and then.
Just get back up and start again.
Choose one exercise that suits you.
There is so much that you can do.
Aerobics, ballet and dance too.
Even a treadmill to name a few.
Go for a jog or get on a bike.
Play some tennis or go on a hike.
You don't have to run a race.
You can go at your own pace.
Stretch a little bit, followed by a swim.
You can use weights to stay trim.
So head to the gym and kick up your feet. 
You can do this with rhythm and beat.
They tell you it's healthy and fun.
Whether you walk, jog or run.
You can exercise an hour each day.
Bring along a friend and start today.
No more excuses, it's time to commit.
Set yourself a goal and just do it!