Saturday, January 28, 2012

Maggie Plays Volleyball

Down at the park on a sunny afternoon,
Maggie came along whistling a happy tune.
She looked all around for something to do,
She spotted a volleyball that looked brand new.
She stared at the ball and started to dream,
She saw this vision. She was playing on a team.
The coach called her name and she dashed on the court,
Maggie was playing her favorite sport.
She picked up the ball and held it in her hand,
She swung her arm and served it underhand.
The ball flew over and the serve landed in,
Maggie felt so good that she served again.
It was only a dream but she wanted to play,
So she raced to the gym to sign up today.
Maggie went inside and she stood on the court,
She saw all the players who'd come for the sport.
The coach came out with a whistle in hand,
He picked up a ball to serve underhand.
He stood behind the line and showed how it was done,
Then Maggie yelled out "I'll serve the first one"
She hit the ball high and it soared in flight,
It flew over the net. Then it veered to the right.
Maggie walked away and heard the coach shout,
"Swing your arm straight. Then the ball won't go out."
She stepped behind the line to serve once again,
She hit the ball hard and the ball sailed in.
Maggie flashed a smile when she heard the coach say,
"It was a very good serve, the best one today."
The coach yelled out, "Let's try something new."
"How to dig a ball and pass it high too."
He stood on the court to show how it was done,
The coach made it look easy. It sure looked fun.
Maggie took her turn and stood at the line,
She waited for the serve. Then she shouted, "It's mine."
She ran to the spot where the ball was coming down.
She bumped the ball high before it hit the ground.
A big crowd gathered for Maggie's first game.
They clapped and cheered when the coach called her name.
She stood by the line with her heart pounding fast,
It's the game winning point, her chance at last.
She hit the ball high and it flew through the air,
The players all gasped when the ball hit a chair.
The crowd stood silent and Maggie looked stun,
The other team served and took game one.
She walked off the court with a sad droopy face,
Her head hanging down. She felt out of place.
The players gathered around and heard the coach say,
"Just give me your best and you'll be okay."
It was game number two. The coach sent her in.
Maggie was happy and flashed a big grin.
She hit the ball straight with no trouble at all,
The other team stared as they watched the ball fall.
The crowd gave a cheer when the ball hit the floor,
It was Maggie's first ace. She tried for more.
She served every point, and they won by four.
The crowd stood up and gave a big roar.
The coach took time before the next game,
To announce the starters and Maggie heard her name.
He tossed the ball to Maggie to serve game three,
The players clapped their hands and chanted "Maggie."
She stepped up to serve with a gleam in her eye,
She took a big swing and watched the ball fly.
It sailed past the net, it sure looked fine,
The crowd cheered again when the ball hit the line.
Her team won the game, and Maggie was proud,
She flashed a big smile and waved at the crowd.
She ran to the stands and greeted each one,
Then she shouted with glee, "Volleyball's fun."   


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