Friday, February 10, 2017

Ten Children Books

Ten new children books, sit on a shelf.
You're invited to come and pick one yourself.
Peter came up first, he waited patiently in line.
He boldly grabbed one, now there's only nine.
Tiffany took her turn, she could hardly wait.
She decided on one, now there's only eight.
Wally loved the library, he called it heaven.
He chose his favorite, now there's only seven.
Billy filled with glee, stared at the mix.
He found his favorite, now there's only six.
Mandy came along, she was next to arrive?
She quickly picked one, now there's only five.
Miranda came up next, she wanted to explore.
She grabbed her favorite, now there's only four.
Erica got her chance, a moment to see.
She found her favorite, now there's only three.
Three children books left, each one brand new.
Until Joshua took one, now there's only two.
Michelle saw the ruckus, she joined the fun.
She picked her favorite, now there's only one.
Jody had no choice, only one left to choose.
She grabbed the last one, a book she can use.
The librarian had noticed, the shelf had none.
She placed ten more, now you can choose one.

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