Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tell Me A Joke

Henry: Can I tell you a joke?
Pete: Only if you are a tenor.
Henry: A tenor?
Pete: Yes, ten or eleven feet away.
Henry: Ha ha ha

Henry: Can I please tell you a joke?
Pete: Only if you go solo.
Henry: Solo?
Pete: Yeah, so low that I can't hear you.
Henry: You are so funny

Henry: I just figured out just how the sun rises.
Pete: How did you figure it out?
Henry: Finally, it dawned on me.
Pete: Ha ha, so you're trying to be a comedian. 

Henry: "I went to see the doctor about my memory problem?"
Pete: How did it go?
Henry: "He made me pay in advance!"
Pete: Hmmm....

Henry: " Do you know mime's favorite color?"

Pete: No, what is his favorite color"
Henry:  "I don't know, either, he won't tell me."
Pete: Was I supposed to laugh?

Henry: "Do you know why I brought a ladder to school?"
Pete: "I have no idea."
Henry:  "My music teacher told me to sing higher."
Pete: "Keep trying." 

Henry: "Do you know why I brought a light bulb to school?"
Pete: "You got me stumped."
Henry: "I had a bright idea."

Pete: I like your last joke.
Henry: You really liked my last joke?
Pete: Yeah, because it was your last one.
Henry: Ha ha, funny. You should try to be a comedian.
Pete: I could try but I might be as bad as you are.
Henry: You remind me of Brad Pitt.
Pete: Brad Pitt, he's not a comedian.
Henry: Now, you know why I don't laugh at your jokes.

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