Saturday, May 28, 2016

A matter of trust

You counted on me, to get the job done.
You saw what I did, I made it look fun.
With so much energy, I brought to the place.
I made a difference, with a smile on my face.
You saw that I cared, and I became your friend.
I built that trust and made things amend.
But nestled in my mind, was the lies they said.
I told you the truth, but you believed them instead.
So the trust didn't last and the truth you never knew.
You saw all the trouble, but the lies were not true.
The choice you made, you didn't have to do.
But you let me go, when I was there for you.
Maybe someday soon, we'll be friends again.
Put the past behind and let the trust begin.
I can always wonder, what might have been.

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