Wednesday, July 21, 2021



Jesus Lord my savior, I am guilty again.
I confess I'm a sinner, let my healing begin.
I'm filled with anguish, I call on Lord of mercy.
I confess all my sins, please forgive me.
I need you Jesus, I'm nothing without you.
I need my savior to help me too.
I need a redeemer to save my soul.
Create a new heart to make me whole.
I look at myself, I see a sinner.
With self-pleasing pride and not a giver.
My thoughts and my feelings was all I knew.
Now I deny myself and I think about you.
I'm overcome with shame, I'm living in sin.
I'm consumed with guilt, where do I begin.
I'm trembling inside, not worthy to say.
Please forgive me now, to Jesus I pray.

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