Tuesday, June 1, 2021



I'm walking into darkness

 that seems to have no end.

Always looking back

 and wonder what might have been.

If God chose another way,

 to help me and help CJ.

To heal and bless us both

 instead of anguish and pain.

I'm living my days alone,

 in my time of despair.

Always looking back,

 when no one did care.

When God allowed calamity

 that effected each other.

If God chose another way

 that would keep us together.

I'm filled with lots of emotion

 that plaque me in my journey.

Always looking back

 to all the people who hurt me.

Why God allowed this cruelty

 to ruin everything in my life.

If God chose another way

 to bring peace and not strife.

I'm in a helpless state,

 isolated from any hope.

Without any friends around

 and it's hard to cope. 

Why God allowed this to happen

 that led to a tragedy.

If God chose another way,

 to bring joy instead of agony.

I'm waiting for the day

 when God calls me home.

Away from this hateful world

 and where I'm not alone.

Where love always prevail

 and we are in harmony.

When Jesus will finally appear

 and we are all a family.

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