Friday, June 25, 2021



Always comfort them, when they are in pain.

Even when you listen, it's never done in vain.

Go spend sometime, when they are alone.

If you can't visit, call them on the phone.

Listen to their stories, it means so much to them.

Even if they repeat it, they are all a gem.

A much needed hug or you wipe a tear.

You let them know, you'll always be there.

Don't forget to say the words, I LOVE YOU!

Make sure they know, they are special too.

You can do so much, when you add a smile.

Love knows no boundaries, it's all worthwhile.

Maintain your composure, always participate.

Always look for ways to make them feel great.

Repeat what you say, if they have a hard time to hear.

You can make then comfortable when you are near.

You can stay positive when something goes wrong.

Use this very moment to play their favorite song.

All the caregiving duties, one word to think of.

Any thing you say or do, do it with LOVE!

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