Saturday, May 22, 2021



Last year was a disaster and future looked bleak.
I am a wretched sinner and I am very weak.
I'm still tormented daily with so much stress.
Now I look at myself and all I see is a mess.
What should I do now when I am depressed?
I need someone to help me during my duress.
I can't do anything which I know and confess.
Therefore I need Jesus and nothing less.
I ask you Lord to create a new heart in me.
Take out the old and now I belong to thee.
I give you my heart, take me where I need to go.
Use my hands and voice to let your people know.
You are the truth and life, there's no other way.
So I get down on my knees and I start to pray.
I give thanks to the Lord and praise him every day.
I'm looking for my Savior to please help me today.

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