Wednesday, April 14, 2021

After The Promise


The bible has promises more than I could memorize.

But that assurance diminished right before my eyes.

My life with CJ was like a fairy tale.

But calamity appeared that myth soon failed.

I saw her suffer and scream in agony.

Then hardship followed caused by her family.

The affliction soon followed what seemed like a curse.

Our hope was crushed, it seemed to get worse.

You made a choice that really affected me.

You allowed the evil turn our life into tragedy.

With a broken home and even broken hearts.

I saw all the malice and people torn apart.

Loved ones are gone without saying goodbye.

Tears keep flowing and watch someone die.

I had this dream we would have a happy ending.

But soon that faded when I saw her dying.

My smile is gone and no more laughter.

I still keep praying for the hereafter.

Dazed and tattered left me with more than fear.

It left me this question, what am I doing here?

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