Sunday, March 14, 2021



Just call her an angel, I know she is.

She took care of me, it's moments like this.

Her precious smile that lights the way.

She brightens my life each and every day.

Just call her a friend and watch and see.

She shared her food and help anyone in need.

There is no other who was kinder and sweeter.

Who has a big heart and is a friendly greeter.

Just call her a neighbor who knocks on your door.

Shares her homemade cooking and much more.

Her body was weak but her will was much stronger.

She was an amazing lady who's not with us any longer.

Just call her a God's child who loved Jesus every day.

She was sweet and friendly, her kindness was on display.

We can make a difference and help one another.

She's a perfect example on how to help each other.

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