Sunday, March 28, 2021



I've reached rock bottom and face a dead end.
I've been wandering around since I lost my friend.
I lived a life that put me to shame.
There's no excuse, I have myself to blame.
I can't forgive myself, I'm sorry to say.
I've made many mistakes along the way.
I was so blind that I failed to see.
What I valued the most was for me.
My own true self was put on display.
It was my actions that caused my own dismay.
There's a part of me that causes me stress.
It's hard to go further because of the mess.
I can't trust myself because of my past.
I'm down and out, I feel like an outcast.
With nowhere to go, no one to see.
No one to call, it looks bad for me.
I'm lost and lonely since I've been on my own.
Where do I go, in the world of unknown.
I got to stay focused based on God's word.
My only chance is to follow my Savior Lord.

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