Monday, October 5, 2020



There are four candles burning,

with a message for you to see.

You can learn the truth,

what life was meant to be.

The first candle proclaimed,

I am JOY that you need today.

But no one cares to listen,

so my flame has gone away.

The second candle was next,

I am PEACE to bring you harmony.

But they chose to hate instead,

so my flame has gone out of me.

The third candle said I am LOVE,

for those who are torn apart.

But they chose to ignore me,

I can no longer warm the heart.

I stood there in disbelief,

and wonder what this is about.

I didn't understand,

why the three flames would go out.

The fourth candle said there's time,

while my candle has some light.

I am HOPE that still flickers,

you can use me tonight.

So I took the candle of HOPE,

to light the other three.

The message was clear,

there's still hope inside of me.

When I lit each candle,

of JOY, PEACE, and LOVE.

I can get all three,

when I pray to GOD above. 

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